Work for yourself, not by yourself
The non "networky" network for female founders - A community like no other that helps you to build your business no matter what stage you are at

So you've set up your own business (yay you) and you LOVE being your own boss, as it gives you the freedom & flexibility to do what you want when you want (BUT (and it's a big but) it can also feel overwhelming, all-consuming and really bloody  lonely
Taking that leap to go it alone is a bold move but you didn't realise just how alone you would feel.
You've never really liked the traditional "networking" groups and you don't know many other women in a similar position to you who you can go to for support, advice & guidance. Other inspiring women who have been there and done it.

Hey, I'm Danielle!
Founder of The Kindred.

When I first started I found it really tough working on my own; I missed the buzz of an office and support from colleagues and friends: I wanted to meet other like-minded women who were in the same position as me, people who "Got it” who understood what it was like to wear the 1001 hats you need to run a business & keep all those other plates spinning when it comes to family, friends, life admin (I can see you nodding your head)

Which, is why I have created The Kindred, it's for aspirational females and business founders who have big dreams and ambitions, who don't want to work completely on their own.

Over the last 3 years, we have supported hundreds of female founders in their business journey, whether they are deciding to leave the "9-5" or if they already have an established business and are looking to grow. The Kindred caters for you no matter what stage you are at.

The Kindred is for women who still want to feel part of a team and connect with people who can help them to strengthen their brand, develop their business and cheerlead them along the way.

Did you know that only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs are female?

A recent government report suggests that one of the biggest opportunities is to make entrepreneurship more accessible for women and increasing support through mentors and networks.

Thats EXACTLY what we do here at The Kindred

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Included in the Kindred membership
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Monthly Content planning sessions
  • 3-month goal-setting accountability groups
  • Monthly Brainstorming
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  • Bi-monthly Speed networking (for people who don't like networking
  • Monthly Virtual co-working & planning sessions
  • Monthly In-person Co-Working meetups
  • Quarterly virtual retreats
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This isn't your average "networking group" it's a powerhouse of professional women supporting each other
I was really worried that this group would be similar to some other networking groups where they have their CLIQUES However Danielle made me feel really welcome, well informed and everyone has mutual respect for each other and a genuine interest to help each other succeed and build there business in such a positive way !
I love being part of The Kindred team. I’ve met so many inspiring women! The workshops have been amazing and opened my eyes to so many aspects of running my own business that had never even crossed my mind.
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